Changing the World and Other Circus Related Things EP7 - Marie-Andrée Robitaille / by Eliana Dunlap

Today we will be speaking with Marie-Andrée Robitaille. Marie-Andrée, originally from Québec, Canada is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. In the past, she has participated as a circus performer in multiple productions with the pioneering Swedish contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkör. Marie-Andrée Robitaille also worked as a dancer, acrobat, and stuntwomen in various other International projects and as a talent scout with the casting team at Cirque du Soleil.

For the last nine years, Marie-Andrée has been assistant professor of circus and the head of the Bachelor program in Circus at the School of Dance and Circus (DOCH) at Stockholm University of the Arts (Uniarts). She is the initiator of the Stockholm-based international Nordic Women in Circus Network and the founder of Gynoïdes Project, an undertaking which aims to examine the roles and representations of women in circus arts. She is the artistic director of CirkusPerspectiv whose latest work and activities include: Gynoïdes Circus Female intelligentsia, acclaimed in 2016 at Orionteatern, one of the most avant-garde stages in Sweden; Music and Circus in Dialogue, a circus performance inspired by the experimental approaches and ideas of the Bauhaus, a project of Circus Art Gallery Space in Stockholm; and the production and curation of 5 editions of the Women in Circus Consortium.  At Uniarts she has conducted the research projects Women in Circus, Sound of Circus and is currently conducting Hidden Circus which focus on alternative modes of composition in circus art. As of January 2019, Marie-Andrée Robitaille is a Ph.D. candidate in performative and mediated practices with a specialization in Circus Choreography at Uniarts.

Nordic Women in Circus Network

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-Contribute to the development of feminist strategies in the field of circus
-Share and transfer knowledge from existing feminist practice and research.
-Strengthen and develop collaborations in relation to the agency of women in circus

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